Comparison: ATS Picturesque Reprieves Vs ATS Le Grandiose

Why ATS Picturesque Reprieve instead of ATS Le Grandiose?

When you go for investment everyone has different objectives. In the same way, when you see both the projects, the objective is different for everyone. All matters are the stage of urgency or you can wait for some time. ATS Le Grandiose at sector-150 Noida will take almost 1.5 years to complete phase -1 and Phase-2 will take almost 4 years time for completion.

The ATS Picturesque reprieve is located at sector-152, Noida very close to expressway Noida route. The Project Phase-1 will likely take 3.5 Years time for completion but the location of the property is better than ATS Le Grandiose. We just care for you and would like to share some important point that will help you to choose the better property for you.

If you talk of Amenities and Facilities, we can rate them 5 Star in both the cases but ATS Le Grandiose Noida sector-150 gives you some extra benefits in the sports category it has football grounds for your little David Beckham but both the club has basic sports facility that will inspire everyone. Just look at below table will solve a few of your doubts.

ATS Le Grandiose Vs ATS Picturesque Reprieves

ATS Le Grandiose floor plans are best to look for as it starts with 1625 Sq.ft of size and goes up to 3200 Sq.ft for 4 BHK apartment. The bigger sizes have got only 2 Units per Floor but when you look for 1625 Sq.ft floor plan it will have 3 units per floor. Most of the ATS Le Grandiose units are overlooking ATS pristine Golf villas or park facing only. There are only 10% of units overlooking roads and other projects.

ATS Picturesque Reprieve has got bigger sizes starts with 1850 Sq.ft, 2350 Sq.ft, and 3200 Sq.ft. The ATS Picturesque has 35 floors overlooking Noida expressway facing, and internal Park facing unit. The project is designed to cater to HNI client in the vicinity or from other cities. The ATS Group has a history of catering Top management client list who are a regular buyer with the ATS group.

All the investors who have invested in ATS projects are now happy with the growth they have seen over the years. Anyone who wants steady investment will look for ATS developers in Noida. If you saw the past delivered project they have become the benchmark in the location and fetching a very high premium, where other developers are not able to stand in front of ATS Group.

To name a few projects of ATS are ATS Hamlet, ATS Green Village, and ATS Advantage Ghaziabad. The price comparison to amenities to security are beating everyone, the real estate companies now feel proud to have ATS projects next to them. Where ever the ATS project is in the making or developed prices are 30%-40% higher. So don’t miss the opportunity to invest in ATS projects buy now before they go out of floors.

ATS Le Grandiose and ATS Picturesque Reprieves Investment versus End-use Purpose:

ATS Le GrandioseATS Picturesque Reprieve
Best for end users if you buy Now in Phase-1Best for investment purpose when you are looking 3 to 4 years window.
3 Payment Plan option available1 Payment plan option ( CLP- Plan)
Expected growth in the investment is likely 10% per annumExpected growth in the investment is likely 12% to 15% per annum.
Attracting MIG class to invest in the propertyAttracting HNI clients to invest in the project because of bigger sizes and location.

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