Noida – Then and Now: A Comparative Analysis

Noida is a part of NCR (National Capital Region) and came into administrative existence on 17th April 1976. It also celebrates ‘Noida Day’ on 17th April. It was conceptualized in the master plan of Delhi in the year 1962. Situated on the outskirts of Delhi, it was a rural area with a lot of villages, poor connectivity, erratic electricity, and the land was also not very fertile.

Noida earlier consisted of 81 villages; a lot of early inhabitants settled along the Ganga Canal. The government marked this land for industrial development, to keep the pollution away from Delhi. Noida ensured planned development for industrial and allied uses. What was conceptualized as an industrial zone soon transformed into an affordable residential zone with cheap land prices? Gradually, the government acquired land from villagers and farmers for the purpose of development.

Thus, this rural area with clusters of villages and no connectivity became a hot spot for real estate. Due to rapid industrialization and urbanization in this modern Noida, a lot of private builders became active. A great deal of construction work started; the apartment culture became trendy over plotted developments. Now considered as the ‘gold mine’ of UP, Noida has its own distinction as a smart city. The coming of IT/ITES firms and the influx of multinationals has given this city a special place on India’s map. Noida and its reality have changed over the years from an industrial belt to affordable and now to high end. This metamorphosis is remarkable, and this was possible because of well-developed infrastructure, great connectivity (which is still in active progress), an abundance of amenities and the entry of the corporate sector. This not only invites residents or end users but also several investors especially the NRIs.

Noida, then and now, shows the transition from a rural area to an ultra-modern developed area. The destination is reckoned with offering all facilities like good roads, railway stations, metro facility, social facilities, and a world-class skyline. The city is also good for modern nightlife with entertainment centers, parks, clubs, restaurants, etc. It has a beautiful botanical garden, a golf course, and Formula One Indian Grand Prix. An international cricket stadium is also under construction. Noida is now the epicenter of growth and the journey continues.

A person coming to Noida after a long time will be surprised to see the drastic change and a whole new modernized Noida. The rural Noida gave way to industrialization which in turn gave way to urbanization. The culture has changed, so has the lifestyle. Noida has come a long way.


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